Londonistan 2030

Emir Charles III of the Islamic Republic of Anglistan, protector of the Islamic faith, looks on from the balcony of his palace, as soldiers of the Salladin Division (formerly The Household Division) march past. Their green regimental standards are caught by the wind and the sun glints off the golden battle honour (in Arabic) "Palestine 2028".

In their barracks the soldiers cry into their soft drinks. They have returned from the middle east following the reconquest of Palestine. Cry is all they can do now to erase images of the slaughter of women and children from their minds. To speak out against atrocity is to bring the wrath of their Muslim officers, who regularly behead men of the ranks for disobeying orders. As they rounded up and killed the remaining Jewish inhabitants of the former Israel, the former Grenadier Guards could see their own demise as much as those they murdered.

In Parliament the only two parties admitted into the House of Righteous (formerly House of Commons) by the Guardian Council, sit opposite each other. The Conservative and Liberal Alliance Party is all that remains of the Mother of Democracies. Opposite them is the snarling UK Muslim Brotherhood (formerly The Respect Party), which joined the rump of the Labour Party and coerced its junior partner to elect George Galloway as leader in 2020.

Those members of the Labour Party who had realised the error of their ways joined the Liberal Party in protest over Galloway's election but it was too late. The old Labour Party won the election in 2020 by a landslide. Voted in by a burgeoning Muslim population and by a deluded self-loathing liberal élite who thought they could control the Labour Party as before.

Long gone were the days when the indigenous working-class voted Labour. Life for those working class people was one of subsistence, fearful of speaking out for fear of losing what little work was available to them. The banks and the corporations had conspired to steal every last penny the workers had. Enslaved, the workers could do nothing. Their sons taken from them and bribed to join the police, army and security forces whose only task was to make complete their own annihilation.

As with Hitler in 1933, who was voted in and abetted by industrialists and an élite who thought they could control the monster they were to create, the Labour Party soon turned against the élite. The party was renamed. Immediately, anyone standing in the way of Islam was arrested throughout the land on trumped up charges of racism, slander, paedophilia and the new Law of Disrespect to the Prophet. By morning, the coup was complete.

The easily corruptable police force took to their new role with glee. Well-used to arresting people who stood in the way of corporations and bankers, the renamed Sharia Police began interning anyone deemed un-Islamic. First there was the clearout of gay and feminist  members from the old Labour Party. Then came the pogrom, the roundup of Jews, allowed to "go home to Israel". But the Jews knew their fate, as the armies of Islam began to roll towards the Jewish homeland.

The Royal family was next. Secretly Prince Charles had done a deal with the brotherhood. He was desperate to be king and didn't trust his sons as he knew they would side with the army. He had always been keen on Islam and often thought of Islamic texts whilst sitting through dull church services with his mother. The Queen and most of the Royal Family were given an ulitmatum to cooperate with the regime so they left for Canada. With Charles as monarch the armed forces were soon brought to the Islamic heel with the arrest of an untrusted general staff.

There were many political arrests of those who tried to stand up for democracy; a few members of the old Labour Party who were against such rapid changes to society and obdurate members of the new Conservative and Liberal Alliance who were totally against this alien culture. What is left of party politics creates the semblance of democracy, as in the Arab Spring of 2012. A necessity so as to remain a member of the EU and beg for handouts from the IMF.

The country is bankrupt. A policy of banishing women to their homes to produce babies has left the economy broken. Government finance is frittered away on childcare as the population exceeds 80 million.

The Great European Migration of 2019 saw millions of Europeans leave Europe for North America. And with that the work ethic of Europe was gone. God would see things right, just smoke some more drugs and let Allah do the rest.

Throughout Europe during the 1990s the lunatics had taken control of the asylum. Fearful of a new Hitler ever since 1945 the liberals would hand Europe on a plate to anyone to avoid a return to the 1930s. Unfortunately, the liberals chose Islam and got millions of Hitlers instead.

During the early 2000s many areas in UK inner cities became no-go areas for non-Muslims. The inhabitants had set up their own Sharia police to govern these Muslim areas. Non-Muslim women were attacked for not covering up and non-Muslim men were attacked for not having beards or beaten up outside pubs after having drunk alcohol. Many non-Muslims started to adopt Islamic dress codes whilst others joined temperance movements or changed their lifestyles to "show respect" to their neighbourhood overlords. They tried to give an inch but ended up giving more than a mile.

The former liberal and socialist parties of Europe could never understand when told that Islam is more than a religion. Islam is a complete social system that not only comes with a religion but its own system of justice, finance and education. The old political parties of Europe were used to social engineering and bending society to its aims. But Islam was just never interesed in anything of what Europe had to offer, except for living space and of that, it took it all.

A new Cold War has begun with European nuclear weapons now facing west and across the Atlantic Ocean, targetting the Great Satan, the USA. Unlike the Soviets before them the Islamic fingers on the button regard nuclear weapons not for defence but as a way to accelerate armageddon and judgement by Allah.

One institution that suffered no reprisals is the BBC. Long filled with European admirers of Islam, the transition from mouthpiece of the old LibLabCon-trick to trumpeter of the virtues of Mohammed comes easily. Positive virtues mind, not the negative ones that are plain to see in the book of hate, the Koran.

Skilled in the art of adding Islam to any genre of television programme you could imagine, the BBC now openly televises Islamic propaganda, 24 hours a day. "How to Spot a Jew and What to Do About It?", "The Holocaust Never Happened and How To Inform on Those Who Believe It.", "USA - The Great Satan." and daily sermons from the former Saint Paul's Cathedral, now renamed The Great Bin Laden Mosque after its minarets were added. Of course there were fewer women on television and those that were allowed to be on television were covered from head to toe. No more were the plethora of gay and Jewish television celebrities.

What of the liberals who thought that Islam is peaceful and that they could happily live in an Islamic Britian? After all, there would be no need for Sebastian and Tiffany to go on holiday to Egypt or Tunisia anymore. Well, those who realised that they had made a serious mistake and had important positions in society are now dead. Others, who were too weak to resist, have converted to Islam.  And the more cowardly liberals, ashamed to be seen, ran off to North America during the mass migration and pretended they were never liberals at all.

And what of the writer of this blog? Some say he was tracked down by police before the coup and arrested on a false charge. That he was in gaol at the time of the coup and executed with many others to make room for political prisoners. Others say that he escaped to North America and has joined the armed forces to fight in the coming war to reconquer Europe.

Goodbye and good luck.

Living in a one party state

In the past we may have looked at other dictatorships and other one-party states and thought, "What fools. Why don't they have a revolution and overthrow their rulers?"

Of course, not all dictatorships are created at gun point. Even Hitler was voted into power. And as Nazism crept up on Germany, LiberoFascism has crept up on Britain.

Here, in the UK, money has corrupted the LibLabCon-trick. There is the illusion of democracy but voting for any of the three elements of the single party state doesn't change anything.

When the LibLabCon-trick feel threatened by other political groups they combine through their BBC mouthpiece to shout down all dissent. Status quo has replaced democracy.

Scotland has the opportunity to break away from the United Kingdom. The SNP, it's largest political party, is going to hold a referendum, asking the people if they want to remain in the union. As expected, the LibLabCon-trick is ganging up against the SNP.

You would think the UK Conservative Party would support Scottish independence. After all, if there were no Scottish Labour Party MPs in the House of Commons then the UK Conservative Party would have a permanent majority in Britain. A de facto one-party state.

But that would alert the electorate of the trick that is played on them. Better to have the illusion of a multi-party state. So the UK Conservative Party is anti-independence for Scotland so that the LibLabCon-trick can continue.

If anyone governs the UK, it is the BBC and its unelected board of members, The "Trust". The BBC uses visual propaganda to create an imaginary Liberalist utopia on the screen and uses its news output to coerce the population into believing it. "Evil white racists burn down mosque". "Grooming gangs (who worship in mosques but the BBC won't report that) sentenced for raping children."

For a real view of the UK you need only read and watch independent news providers to get a true picture of the battles being fought on our streets. Battles which will eventually become a full-blown sectarian conflict that will make Northern Ireland look like a 5 minute pub brawl.

The BBC and other liberal media use control words are used to keep people in line. Banks and corporations are left unhindered to reduce everyone's life to subsistence level so that fear of losing your job is the first thing you think of if you want to speak out.

It was a masterful act, the creation of this Liberalist Totalitarian state. What we saw of Eastern Europe during the Cold War is now played out on the streets, houes and minds of the UK. It is more than I can bear. Once the vegetables are up, it is time to leave the Islamic Republic of Anglistan.

I have two documents which are very dear to me; an Irish passport and an Irish national insurance number, thanks to my parentage. I have sold all the excess baggage of my life and am raring to go. Leaner, wiser and more able to cope in this new world that wants to destroy the souls of ordinary people.

What the LibLabCon-trick doesn't seem to understand is that they are being played for fools by the interlopers who will bide their time and sweep away the LibLabCon-trick so as to create their barbaric, medieval, caliphate based on their little book of hate.

My grandfather did not fight in the 2nd Batallion Kilkenny Volunteers to replace one lot of outsiders with another. I have every confidence in the Irish people, no matter how tough things get.

And just three weeks later...

My potatoes in cardboard boxes are developing perfectly and are now fully earthed-up.

I have run out of earthing-up material so I had to mix what little earth I could find with half-rotted vegetable matter, grass and shredded cardboard and paper.

These potatoes seem to be developing better than the potatoes that I planted in the standard way, which can be seen in the next photo.

The potatoes that have been planted into the earth in rows have bolted somewhat. This is probably due to competition for light. The only difference with previous years is that I have been able to earth-up higher with the addition of cardboard walls. We shall see if that has made any difference at harvest time.

Using cardboard walls means that I can concentrate earthing-up around the plant stems and the material used to earth-up does not slide away when it rains.

Elsewhere we can see two tubs of salad greens and lolla rossa that are now ready to be eaten. They are cut and come again so they will be producing all summer.

Behind we see onions which are unfortunately competing with potato peelings that were dumped there in the winter but never rotted away. Every morning I have to dig around each onion to remove potato plants that are now growing. Lesson learned for next year.

 A few pots of Gem and Webbs Wonderful lettuce. These are thinnings from the large tubs. I like to grow lettuce in pots and tubs, which leaves the earth for potatoes, onions and composting.

Large tubs with beetroot and lettuce. Beetroot is very easy to grow, likes being in tubs and is easily transplantable, if you get too many and need to thin out. Just water the plants to be thinned, ease them out, replant and water again.

Finally, my tub of shallots and next to them my army of slug chasers, a pool of newts. I have had no problems with slugs or snails this year. A few weeks ago I went into the garden, early in the morning, found all the snails and threw them into the next garden with just enough force that they hit the fence, cracked open and made a nice meal for the Blackbirds. Slugs have been few and far between, thanks to the newts.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

There's been a male blackbird singing his guts out on my roof top for the past two months. No doubt looking for a mate. However, he isn't getting any.

I can understand his plight but then I am now officially a decrepid old man and should accept my fate.

I can see where the blackbird is going wrong, his song list is very old fashioned. And, to be quite frank, his song sounds a little gay when in flight. He comes across as a bit of a whoopsy. Faults that aren't going to pick up any birds.

A few weeks ago there was another male a few roof tops away whose repetoir included mobile phone impersonations. He scored and is now at it in a recently built nest.

I am sure there are lots of morals to be learned from this story.

Note - Irate liberals, socialists and the bbc should address all complaints about this post to...

13 WhoGivesAShit Lane
UR1 8U2

A visit to the doctor

One has "Work Related" Arthritis. If you know me then like myself you would have been trying desperately not to laugh when the doctor diagnosed it to me this morning.

Obviously, this arthritis is not related to the couple of years I worked in The City. More likely the arthritis is related to all the digging, hammering and other tool related work that I have done since retiring from corporate life.

As you strike or collide with a less than forgiving object your bones are thrust together and the cartilidge gradually wears away. My hands and elbows now have a constant baseline level of pain.

The doctor suggested Glucosamine HCL but from what I read that could well be a placebo and I am not going to fork out £50 plus per year on a placebo.

Nothing is going to stop my vegetable gardening, DIY-ing and general bodging so I will just have to live with it until it is time to unlive with it.