Look after the Watts and the Pounds will look after themselves

Reading American websites alerted me to Kill-A-Watt, a device for monitoring power consumption in the home. I found a 240V equivalent at Maplin and ordered one. It arrived today and I set it to work as I calculate my power usage and requirements. Of course, they slashed the price straight after I bought one. It measures V, A, W, Hz and KW/h.


Imp said...

I've been reading your blog for ages tonight. I'm hoping to get a 'reasonable' quote for solar panels this week :)

I don't think we'll ever be grid free though, sadly.

Re the Kill-A-Watt, did you find it useful? Do you still use it or is it surplus to requirements now you've discovered your needs?

James said...

I'd like to be off-grid and will try to work towards that aim. Over 50% of my electricity bill consists of levies and taxes.

The Kill-A-Watt continues to be useful and more so as I begin to build some energy devices.

If you are in the US it can be bought from Amazon and in the UK, I think Maplin still does it and Lidl supermarket sometimes has it amongst their specials.